Meet the Trainer

Anna Gough

Get to know our Breathwork expert, Anna Gough

What do you do for OYM?
I create a soft space for women to connect with their breath and share guided visualisations to help de-stress and relax.

How did you get into your specialist area?
I’ve always had a huge interest in health and wellness. I spent four years as a skincare specialist and won two awards as a facial expert. I’ve always enjoyed helping women to feel the best version of themselves.

If you feel comfortable, I’d love you to share your experiences of perimenopause / menopause to date.
I went into an early menopause after some extremely difficult events, and the perimenopause was extremely challenging emotionally more than anything. It took a lot of time to get to a place of balance and now thankfully I’m out the other side.

What has been your most significant discovery / positive experience while navigating this time?
The most powerful teaching for me has been to listen to my body. Slow down when I’m feeling exhausted, change my exercise to suit those moments and use breath work to regulate stress and down regulate my nervous system.

Anna teaches Room to Breathe in the OYM app most Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. To access Live classes, click on the ‘Classes’ tab at the bottom of the app and choose the Weekly Live Schedule.