Reset, Renourish and Re-energise

Join us for a 7 Day programme starting on 27th November

This 7 day plan will help you to set your goals, nourish your body, prioritise your movement and give you the opportunity to focus on YOU before festivities take over.

We always encourage a balanced approach for your health and wellbeing and we believe that by taking these 7 days to focus on your and your body, you will end the year feeling your very best.

As always, we will work together as a community of like minded women to help support, encourage and motivate each other.

Our 7 day goals will help you:

– Improve daily habits and prioritise 3 wholesome meals per day
– Ensure you hit your protein target each day
– Increase your plant intake to boost nutrients and support good gut health (plant point checklist included!)
– Naturally regain energy and give you the boost for the festive season
– Provide you with simple meal inspiration

Go to the ‘Challenges’ tab of the app to join. Also don’t miss the Pre Christmas Cookalong with Katie and Kate on 28th November at 6:45pm.