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Please join Kate and Cathy every other Wednesday in a safe space sharing your experiences and journey through menopause. These conversations will not be recorded or shared, so if you want that extra support please join the LIVE chat.

You do not need to have your cameras on and you can use the text chat for any questions.

Live Lounge Summary

Every fortnight we will have a LIVE check in. This is your oppurtunity to share your story, ask any questions, feel supported and meet other women who understand.

Getting to Know You

Why not say Hi and tell everyone a little bit about yourself. I would love us to build friendships and feel safe and supported on this platform.

The Founder

Kate Rowe-Ham

I am a Level 3 qualified personal trainer specialising in helping women reach their fitness potential. I will help you find a love for exercise, giving you tools you need to adopt a sustainable approach to exercise and giving you long-lasting results.