What is Clinic 51?

Clinic51 is a private, GP-led women’s health and menopause service.

When hormones leave you feeling lost, we can help you navigate your way back.

51 is the average age at which women in the UK reach the menopause – but there may be up to fifteen years of hormonal changes in a woman’s body before she reaches the point where her periods stop. There is nothing average about the way hormones affect our lives, we are all individuals and are affected in different ways.

At Clinic51, we know that the menopause is so much more than a hot flush.The effects of the hormonal changes are wide-ranging; they can be psychological as well as physical, and vary in severity from just being inconvenient, to completely life changing. Most women begin to get symptoms in their 40’s, way before their periods stop, and not everyone gets hot flushes. The first sign is often worsening PMT in your late 30s.

Despite affecting 50% of the population, support can be difficult to come by.

Clinic51 is a private clinic, run by GP, Dr Katie Armstrong – herself a working mum in her 40’s – who has developed a passion for womens health and menopausal care, and now offers her expertise to women in West Sussex and surrounds.

We offer evidence-based advice and treatment in line with guidance from British Menopause Society and NICE. We will always endeavour to work with your NHS GP, handing your care back to them when you are happy.

For more information about the effects of hormones and the menopause, including a comprehensive list of symptoms, see our Symptoms page. We are passionate about improving menopause care for all and supporting the NHS – so we also have a bespoke area for GPs and healthcare professionals.