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Kate Rowe-Ham is a Women's Health Coach with a special interest in menopause fitness and nutrition and the founder of Owning Your Menopause.

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Kate is the author of Owning Your Menopause: Fitter, Calmer, Stronger in 30 days.
Kate is passionate about educating women on how to exercise and nourish their bodies at this time. She wants to educate women on the benefits of movement and diet, so they can see how these go hand in hand in playing a fundamental role in managing many of the symptoms associated with menopause.
Qualifying as a level 3 Personal Trainer later in life, alongside raising her three children and experiencing her own issues with peri menopause has given Kate a unique insight into how isolating this journey can be.
As a trusted expert in her field, Kate has become the ‘go-to’ Personal Trainer known for her specialised approach in making sure women are getting the correct evidence-based information on how to train effectively and nourish their bodies through menopause. She believes that so many women miss out on optimising their midlife and menopause experience due to not understanding how to adapt their lifestyle during this phase.

Future-proof your health for menopause and the rest of your life with motivational fitness trainer Kate Rowe-Ham

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Reframe Your Mindset

Kate is encouraging women to reframe their mindset, from always seeing movement as a punishment and aiming for the aesthetic benefits, to educating women to appreciate the benefits exercise has on their heart, bones, joints, muscles, brain, and mental health.
Over the years, Kate has worked with an array of well-known brands such as Sweaty Betty, Nike, Lucozade Sport, Fatface, and JD Williams. She has featured in several press articles and publications including The Times, Women’s Health, Fit & Well, Women’s Fitness, Prima, Liz Earle Wellbeing, Good Housekeeping, Woman & Home, and Coach to name but a few. She has also been a podcast guest with Wild Nutrition, Creative Impact, This Is Nessie, Sober Dave, Lawrence Price, and Gaby Logan’s The Mid Point and has appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and BBC News. Currently, Kate is the Energy Field Director at Big Retreat Wales and one of her favourite things is to speak at wellness events across the country to empower women to own their menopause.
Recognising that there has been a lack of support and education for women in this demographic led Kate to spearhead the creation of the Owning Your Menopause App. This offering provides a platform that reshapes what training means to women going through menopause. Through in-depth research, self-testing, coaching, and refinement Kate is providing women with the much-needed information and support she would love every woman to know that they have the potential to be strong in mind and body regardless of their starting point and that with the right support they can embrace menopause and midlife. Kate aims to help women find a path to a healthier lifestyle, giving them the tools they need to adopt a sustainable approach to exercise.