Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?
We suggest you start with 3kg and 5kg dumbbells. Much will be determined by your strength but ideally, you want to feel like your last 2 reps are hard. It shouldn’t feel easy when we are trying to progress and build muscle. Think weight over reps.

What classes do you do?
The timetable is laid out so you don’t have to think about what else you need to do. We target each body part on different days and combined with the Yoga and Pilates we have you completely covered. 

What time are the workouts?
The workouts are all UK times. We have a 6.30 am class Monday -Friday and then other classes at different times. Please check the timetable. You get alerts for the classes. 

Are the workouts saved?
The workouts are saved immediately if you are in a different time zone. 

Is it suitable for all levels of fitness?
We have a four-week beginner’s guide to lifting weights which will set you up to be able to come and join the LIVE classes or head up to the next level of on-demand workouts. 

Do you do meal plans?
We have recipe ideas and meal plans that will help you reach your goals. We also have access to an in-house nutritionist who will support you with weekly check-ins 

Who do I email if I have any Technical questions? 

Who do I email about cancelling my subscription?