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An online community helping you to navigate your way positively and confidently through your menopause and helping you thrive in midlife.

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Four weeks beginners guide for those starting from scratch
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OYM has been built with five pillars in mind; movement, nutrition, community, mindfulness and support.

Kate knows first hand how instrumental all of these elements are in managing the menopause holistically.
Owning Your Menopause, the first app of its kind offering live and on demand workouts for women going through Menopause. Whilst battling with her own experiences and symptoms of Menopause, Kate recognised that there is a lack of support and education for women in this demographic and this led her to spearhead the creation of OYM. This offering is designed to provide women with the tools and support they need to thrive through Menopause and midlife.
This platform is reshaping what fitness means to women going through menopause and is helping them train efficiently and effectively with the time constraints midlife women often face. Through in-depth research, self-testing, coaching, and refinement OYM is providing women with the much-needed information and support they need so that they can be strong in mind and body regardless of their starting point.


You will be part of a community of likeminded women and feel supported on your journey

A safe space to share ANYTHING that troubles you, and a safe space to be heard with no judgement.

Get to know
Kate Rowe-Ham

Kate Rowe-Ham is a Women’s Health Coach with a special interest in menopause fitness and nutrition and the founder of Owning Your Menopause. She is also the author of Owning Your Menopause: Fitter, Calmer, Stronger in 30 days.

Kate is passionate about educating women on how to exercise and nourish their bodies at this time. She wants to educate women on the benefits of movement and diet, so they can see how these go hand in hand in playing a fundamental role in managing many of the symptoms associated with menopause.
Qualifying as a level 3 Personal Trainer later in life, alongside raising her three children and experiencing her own issues with peri menopause has given Kate a unique insight into how isolating this journey can be.

Future-proof your health for menopause and the rest of your life with motivational fitness trainer Kate Rowe-Ham

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