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I have loved the RESET.

I've started a new position of Headteacher at a special school. Although I've been at the school for a long time it's been a huge step up to take overall responsibility. It seemed a bit crazy to start a reset at such a stressful time, but it has been the best thing I could have done. I feel so much healthier, I am sleeping better and don't have the sluggish feeling I had in the morning. I am going to stick with cutting out sugar, mindless snacking and minimise gluten. I'm adding one thing back at a time to see how I go. Thank you so much.
Your workouts helped me mentally and physically through a tough traumatic break up of a relationship and through being furloughed and lost in my life.

Being 42 and a single mum again totally lost myself and was in a very dark place. I can’t thank you enough you have been part of my journey helping me find strength within myself and learning to use and love weights.

Getting fitter and stronger and believing in myself a little more. Still working on this. I have never regretted a workout. Thank you
At 57 I thought a menopausal muffin top was me for life, my daughters had tried to help and they told me wearing a swimming costume is ok but I wanted to wear a bikini!!! Which I did again after a few weeks.

Joining OYM has made me feel accountable, confident, happy and fit.

The difference in 5 months is amazing. I love the classes, the nutritional and sleep advice.

If I can do it so can anyone and I've certainly been spreading the word, thanks to you xxx
Bikini Confidence
It is so worth it. My schedule makes the live classes tricky but the video library is brillant and the categories make choosing very easy. Also, sometimes apps like this say 'with you every step of the way' and it means they have an FAQ page.

Kate really, really is available for questions and motivation; and the videos, even if you can't watch them live feel real, responsive and honest. I'm just coming back from some really nasty menopause triggered health stuff and OYM is amazing.
Getting Motivated
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this group/class. I didn't want to leave bed this morning, but the accountability of the live class helped me get involved. Please keep doing it..... it is so important. Thank you!!
Feeling Motivated
Loved the class this morning Kate!
It had a great range of moves and although it was probably the hardest one I've done, I felt brilliant afterwards!
Mum of 2
I joined up to the OYM app recently and loving it. I've done weights before but doing the 4-week beginners course as a refresher, feeling stronger already at 45. Loving the nutritional information too. Thank you Kate
Stronger at 45
I LOVE the OYM platform. I started HRT (patches & utrogestan caps) last summer after suffering hideous aches and pains in my joints and muscles.

I appreciate HRT isn't for everyone but within a month those symptoms (and many others) completely vanished. I was astonished! Then back in August, I started doing your Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 6:30am classes on catch up.

I'm 51 and can really see and feel the difference in my strength and mobility. I'm running better than ever now thanks to the combo of HRT and OYM strength training. I'm also enjoying dressing up in all my fancy gear again - fitness and frocks.

Here's to us all running and dancing into our 80's, 90's and beyond!
Thank you!
Runner Girl
Fitness & Frocks
I’m 47 yr old single mum to twin boys aged 6 both with ASC and a full time teacher. I started finding myself walking around the school grounds breathing to calm myself and feeling very anxious. I put this down to the stress I was under at home due to one of my boys who attends an (amazing) SEN school going through a (very) challenging time. I also had heart palpitations…again assumed stress from home.

It wasn’t until I started following Kate that I realised it was symptoms of peri menopause and not…god love him…the extra weight of dealing with my gorgeous boy.

I have since started HRT, telling the GP ‘I don’t have time to feel like this!’ signed up for Kates online strength program and watch religiously all her talks and have just completed sober September and have every intention of carrying on due to the difference it has made.

I had NO idea how challenging menopause could be and the only symptom I knew about was hot flushes. Still tackling horrifically dry hair but making progress there too!! Thank you Kate for enlightening me and helping me realise this wasn’t my ‘fault’ and certainly not my sons!
Feeling Stronger
I came back from holiday in the Summer feeling unhappy with how I looked and how I felt about myself. I had put on weight over the past few years, was out of condition and felt sluggish. I immediately signed up to OYM and have not looked back. I have lost nearly a stone, can wear clothes that I thought I’d never get back into and I feel happy with myself.

Unlike most exercise regimes I’ve tried, I have really really enjoyed it and it has become part of my daily routine. Kate is ALWAYS motivating and fun to exercise with. The sessions take about 45 minutes but the benefits are infinite!
Love it!!”
Whole Again